5 of the Most Impressive Pieces of Commercial Architecture in NJ

The RCA Victor Building, Camden: Known as the “Nipper Building” as it is crowned with the image of Nipper the dog looking into the horn of a phonograph player, it’s an iconic part of New Jersey’s industrial past. Designed in 1909 by Ballinger and Perrot, it’s a six-story industrial loft structure with a rusticated brick base and brick piers along its length. With massive metal windows that open between the piers headed by cast stone lintels, and walls capped with decorative cornices, it combines beautiful classical elements with industrial design.Rutgers Business School, Piscataway: Part of the master plan of redesigning Rutgers University, the business school forms the gateway to the Livingston Campus. An L-shaped building, it rises 60 feet to become a massive entranceway for traffic, forming the border between the campus and the local nature preserve. The recipient of the AIA Honor Award from AIA NJ, it is a design that focusses on non-programmable space and the transformation of th…

Ideas for Building a Flood-Proof Home

During the rainy season, New Jersey homeowners are faced with the risk of their home flooding, causing structural damage and the loss of their belongings. According to National Flood Insurance program statistics for 2016, New Jersey homeowners accounted for over 232,000 policies worth $56 billion in flood insurance and received over $6.1 billion in claims payments between 1978 and 2015.

With this in mind, it makes sense to incorporate strategies for flood prevention into your home’s architecture. Here are some tips from a leading architect in NJ.

Know if you’re in a high-risk zone: A great source for information about flooding in your area are the FEMA Flood Zone Maps, which you can access online. These maps use aqua markers to indicate if an area is below the flood marker. Ask your architect to determine your BFE (base flood elevation) and DFE (design flood elevation) to ensure that your house is set at the correct height and according to building codes.Ask for a topographic survey: …

Commercial Building Design Essentials

A well-designed office space offers companies great returns on their investment in terms of efficiency, productivity and brand representation. Here are some tips from our commercial architecture team in NJ for creating an optimal commercial building design.

Always maximize natural light: In the USA, a typical office worker spends around 90% of their waking hours indoors – usually at a workstation in front of a computer screen. This limited exposure to natural light is known to have negative effects on an individual, impacting on their mood, productivity and health. Simply by focusing your design on bringing sunshine and natural light into your space, your employees will be healthier, happier and more productive.Insulate your space: Good quality insulation is one of the most economical and eco-friendly means to reducing your building’s energy costs. There are several highly-effective insulation options available on the market that are very affordable and green, including shredded denim…

Great Smart Home Devices for Tech Lovers

One of the trends that home remodel architects and interior designers have noted this year is the increasing demand for smart homes. With home tech devices becoming more user-friendly, practical and affordable than ever before, homeowners are embracing the role of technology in making their homes more connected and enjoyable to live in. Here are some of the most popular smart home devices and systems to include in your remodel.

Amazon Alexa: Alexa first arrived with the original Echo smart speaker but can now be found on a wide variety of speakers and smart devices, even on other brands like Sonos. Alexa products either have Alexa built into them or are compatible with Alexa devices, like thermostats, switches and TVs. Alexa is essentially a voice activated home assistant with a vast range of skills and can be set up to tune to your favorite radio station, answer questions, control your heating and lights, and much more.Wink Hub 2: Not as well-known as Alexa, this home automation hub …

Essential Restaurant Design Tips from a Commercial Architect

A successful restaurant brings many different elements together to deliver a comprehensively enjoyable experience to diners – and one of the most critical of these elements is the design of the space itself. Here are some insights from a commercial architect in NJ on how to make the most of your restaurant design.

Prioritize your spending: Restaurant design and fitment costs can escalate rapidly and the sky’s the limit. It’s best to first focus your spending on the most critical areas – creating a functional layout for the kitchen and dining space, installing effective task and dining lighting, and investing in robust and comfortable seating that fits the space.Settle on your brand and image: After the budget is set for those areas, look for a few striking elements to add personality to your space and advertise your brand. It’s important that these elements are well thought-out and directly align with the restaurant’s overall theme. Here, customization is a great idea – having a bar b…

Notable Trends to Inspire Your Home’s Design

Architecture and interior design is constantly changing, keeping homes looking fresh, innovative and exciting. Here are some of this year’s biggest trends, according to leading residential architects.

Outdoor living space: More than ever, homeowners want to break down the barriers between indoor and outdoor living, allowing them to have a much greater flow between the house and garden. Large patios that can be enclosed, sun rooms and outdoor kitchens are just some of the ways of incorporating the outdoors into your home.Natural light: There’s a big demand for designs that maximize natural light through large windows, wider door openings and skylights. This is popular even in colder climates thanks to advances in glass technology that allows for huge windows without compromising insulation or increasing your spending on energy bills. Large folding glass doors are also popular, allowing homeowners to choose how open or closed they’d like their space to be.Eco-technology: Lowering the ru…

The Essentials of Medical Office Design

Creating a functional and successful medical office space requires more consideration and attention to detail than ever before. These spaces need to be comfortable and convenient for patients, accommodating to new technology and equipment, have functional and efficient flow for patients and staff, and be cost effective yet attractive. Here are some insights from an experienced commercial architect.

Ask These Questions to Ensure an Optimal Medical Office Design 

The most essential element to planning a medical office – other than partnering with an experienced medical office architect – is to ask these questions during the planning process.

What type of medical practice is this office being designed for? Every medical office is different, so the design needs to change to accommodate the specific needs of a cosmetic surgery practice, pediatric practice or any other specialty practice.What are the practice workflow and the patient egress/access requirements?What are the patient requiremen…