5 Things to Consider When Designing your New Home

Building a new home is a complex, expensive and long-term project where the main focus is on ensuring that the result is a home that clients will love and enjoy for many years to come. Here are some tips from a top architect in NJ on a few things to consider when you first take on this project.

Rooms: Decide what rooms you want in your home, from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to whether you want an open plan living space, ensuite bathrooms and garages. Don’t forget specialty rooms like a workshop, office, laundry room, movie room or anything similar. Similarly, decide what outside spaces you want, including balconies, patio spaces or outdoor kitchen.Size: Deciding your square footage is one part of the equation, but don’t forget to think vertically too. Do you want any double-height spaces? To help visualize spaces, try mock them out with tape and stakes – and remember that it always looks smaller than the end result.Budget: The budget for a new home is determined on a very ind…

A Guide to Sustainable Commercial Architecture

Green and sustainable construction and design trends are increasing their impact on commercial architecture through 2018, and all indicators show that a more environmentally-friendly approach to designing, building and running commercial properties is here to stay. Here are some insights into sustainable commercial architecture, from a leading commercial architect in NJ.

What is Sustainable Commercial Architecture All About? 

This is about taking an environmentally-conscious approach to every aspect of your building’s design, not simply placing solar panels on a roof and calling it a green building.

It’s about long-term benefits – In contrast to a culture of immediate gratification, this approach is about long-term benefits – significant ones. From reducing operational costs to ensuring buildings stand and operate efficiently for decades to come, to creating an environment and community that supports a highly productive and low-carbon culture.Making the environment work for you – Desig…

Inside the Design: What Makes a Craftsman-Style Home?

Craftsman style homes are a classic style that’s popular all across the USA. They are known for their wonderful curb appeal and charming architectural details. So, what makes this style so unique? Here’s a guide from a leading NJ residential architect.

History of the Craftsman-Style Home 

This style has its roots in the British rebellion against the mass production and industrialization of the 19th century that started the Arts and Crafts Movement, a movement focused on handcrafted, unique character delivered by artisans. This was popularized in architecture through Gustav Stickley, who founded The Craftsman magazine through which he published free architectural blueprints.

Features of Craftsman Architecture 

Although this style was developed for its individuality, there are certain features that are common throughout many of these homes. These include:

Low-pitched rooflines in a hip or gable styleA covered front porchPillars lining the entrywayExposed rafters under the wide, overhangin…

How to Keep Commercial Building Costs On-Budget

Commercial building projects are highly complex and demanding – and it’s important that they not only stay on schedule, but that they stay on budget too. While unforeseen circumstances can push both of these goals out, there are ways recommended by Commercial architecture in NJ  to help prevent delays and rising costs.

Know the Weak Points in Commercial Building Design and Construction Projects 

When a commercial building project is facing delays and rising costs, there are several areas where weak points in the project are often found. By knowing these weak points and having a strategy that prevents them from collapsing, your project should move forward much more smoothly. These weak points include:

Lack of vital design information – Incomplete architectural plans that lack certain details and specifications will cause confusion, delays, miscommunication and even more work due to tear-outs.Choosing cheap contractors – Contractors are often chosen based on the lowest bid, which can be …

How to Budget for a New Home

The cost of building a new custom home plans varies wildly according to where you’re building, your specific lot, the size of your home, and it’s features and finishes. HomeAdvisor puts the national average at $286,277 – but customized and high-end features in high-demand areas can push this average up to $700,000 with ease. So, how can you budget for a new home? Here are some guidelines from a leading NJ residential architect.

What can you afford? This is the ultimate deciding factor, so take a good look at your savings, assets you may sell (for example, your existing house) and what kind of loan you would qualify for at your bank. A good guideline for loans is that they should not exceed 25% of your stable monthly income.Square foot costs. Square footages usually refer to heated areas of a home (so, not the basement or garages). Find a home that is similar to what you’d like to build – same area, same size, etc. – for comparison. A sales agent will be able to give you information on…

The Most Common Home-Building Problems – And How to Avoid Them

Building a new home is an exciting adventure with a fantastic reward once all the hard work is done. Ending up with your dream home takes hard work though, and there are plenty of challenges to overcome along the way. Here are the most common ones to look out for, from a leading residential architect firm in NJ.

No project manager: Acting as your own project manager is often used as a way to save money on your build. However, unless you have previous experience, you’re going to find that this will be more stressful and more expensive than you anticipated. Firstly, you won’t have the connections with local contractors to get the best quality at the best price. You’ll likely experience delays because you won’t know who needs to be hired and schedule at what point of the build, and because you’re a once-off project, contractors will likely prioritize return business over yours. Hiring an experienced project manager is worth the cost – they ensure that the best people are booked at the be…

A Guide to Popular Residential Architecture Styles

Homes may have one purpose – to deliver a living space for ourselves and our loved ones – but there are many more factors that come into play when we start the process of designing and building our dream homes. One important factor is the style of the home itself. Here’s a quick guide to the most popular architectural styles in the USA, from a leading residential architect in NJ.

Craftsman: This style dates back to the arts and crafts movement of the early 20thcentury, where artisans rebelled against the cookie-cutter look of the homes built in the Industrial Revolution. These homes are all about creating a uniquely and artistic look, and generally have porches with thick columns, low-pitched roofs, exposed beams and a strong use of natural materials.Country or colonial style: Reminiscent of the 18th century European colonists, these homes often have 2-3 stories and symmetrical placement of doors and windows. The front door entrance is a focal point in this design, often accompanied b…